The Church Register Safe


 Church Register Safe 

Looking for a safe to store valuable church documents?
Made specifically for the secure storage of items such as a Marriage Register?
Need one that has a cash rating of £4,000 or £40,000 for valuables when bolted down?
With a fire rating?

Look no further. You've found our new Church Register Safe!!!

 Peace of mind

The Church Register safe has been designed to current regulations for insurance purposes and tested to ensure it is fire resistant.

Smaller than most safes used in Churches its height and depth dimensions are ideal for the storage of marriage registers.

 Compact and fire resistant

Resistant to modern safe breaking procedures and tools such as cordless angle grinders, the new Church Register Safe is compact and is available with an optional base, which comes in two sizes.

Outside Dimensions
H x W x D mm
340 x 590 x 500mm
Inside Dimensions
H x W x D mm
230 x 480 x 440mm

Available to buy today

(An installation service is also available - please call 01670 540900 for cost & details.

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Welcome to the Church Register Safe Website

We've arranged for the production of a safe specifically for churches and other bodies who carry out marriage ceremonies. Many churches still leave the safe storage of highly sensitive documents such as marriage registers in old safes which, when originally made, were strong & fire proof, but are unfortunately now well past their sell by date and definitely don't do what it says on the tin!

Back in the 1800's these safes were manufactured in their thousands and many are still in daily use today. As a burglar deterrent they have their uses. Their weight makes them difficult for would be thieves to pick up and carry away. Being made of steel makes them difficult to open for those who aren't in the know.

Buy Now - Church Register SafeHowever, they have their problems - and they are big problems too. Being made (in many cases) over 100 years ago, these safes are not up to the job when faced with tools such as cordless angle grinders available today. If the safe has been kept in a hot or damp environment at any time in its past, then it could have become unsound - especially at the bottom.

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Church Register Safe